New OU TV Spot…. I love it!

Have you seen this yet:

I absolutely love it! It brings back so many memories and emotions! Thank you OU for allowing me to find out what I am capable of!


Master Pieces – here we go!

Hi everyone,

please come and have a look at my new blog “Master Pieces” only a click away. It is literally brand new, started today and totally work in progress. But, I plan to blog more often again now and as my OU journey had finished for now, the BSc was achieved, a new blog was needed for the new project of finding my way in life and achieving that longed for masters in psychology.

All of you still studying with the OU, no worries…this blog will remain as it is and I shall try and add bits and pieces every now and then. Feel free to contact me and if I can be of any help, let me know. I am always happy to give study advice.

Cheerio and see you across the hall at Master Pieces! 🙂

It’s that time of the year again: hello EXAMS … ?!?

Can it be true? Is it really that time yet again? EXAM time?! Scary, terrible, frightening exam time? I think it is…unfortunately so, and I can see not only me despairing over the revision yet again, so I thought why not sum up some exam revision tips for you guys out there:

  1. Get all outstanding TMAs out the way asap!
    • The thing is: you will need any day now to get proper revision done! As a guideline for OU exams, I have found that 3 weeks is an absolute minimum to start and that is when you can spend a lot of time with the materials every day (like us full time students do). Overall, the earlier you  start your revision, the better.
  2. Get an idea of the exam structure: how many questions, how many of these must be answered, how many blocks are there, how much time have you got?
    • With OU exams you ususally get a choice of questions, of which you have to select a certain number, and out of different blocks / parts if there are any. I recommend digging out the specimen exam paper that each course offers, as well as the exam guidance notes that should be either available in print or on the module website somewhere. If you cannot find them, ask in your tutor or module forum!
    • The specimen and accompanying notes will also give you the time you will have available. For instance, when I did DD303 “Cognitive Psychology”, we had 3 hours time to write 3 essays. This means of course you should spend about 1 hour on each essay. And beware, that means 1 hour for reading and understanding the question, making a plan (I highly recommend plans, even though they do take time!! … They are sooo precious!)) and writing it all out! So make sure you plan carefully what you spend your exam time with.
  3. Decide which chapters to revise
    • Usually you will not need to know everything to pass the exam. Often it will do to focus on certain chapters and know them well enough to answer ANY possible question on them, then knowing little bits and pieces of everything (which will help for the overall big picture) but not being able to write an essay on it.
    • All those doing DD303: Have you heard of the “exam grid”? Well worth getting your hand on 😉
  4. Get practising!
    • One of the BEST strategies to pass the exams (in my opinion), is to practise sitting them. By this I mean, get hold of as many past papers / questions as you can and practise answering them under exam conditions. That means, find a quiet place, measure the time you take and answer the questions without the help of notes and study materials. AND…handwrite them! You would not believe how long 3 hours can be if you are not used to handwriting anymore…and who is nowadays? 😉 Once you have written some essays, you can ask your tutor to comment on one (to get an idea whether it would be sufficient for an exam answer) or exchange essays with fellow students. Mark each other! But also keep in mind: exam essays will always be less extensive and sophisticated than TMA essays, simply because you cannot write in as much detail and with as many sources as when you are sat at home for 2 weeks working on your TMA. So don’t panic when you only get to write 500 or 600 words in that mock exam essay, … you then know how much you can expect of yourself to write in the real exam.
    • If you are brave you will sit a full mock exam, with random questions, a few days before the exam…that will be the best preparation you can do!
  5. Relax!
    • The last 2-3 days before the exam allow yourself to rest. Yes rest, relax, take a break from it all, do something fun! This way, you will be feeling more energetic and well on the exam day and not totally exhausted. Revision is stress, as is the exam and we must make sure we look after ourselves to do well.

Well, this is surely just some pointers, but they have worked well for me in the past. My exam is actually literally around the corner (2 days from today…eeek) and it will be a very different exam to what I am used to from the OU. I will have to sit my first ever mutilple choice exam at the Fernuni Hagen. So no essays for me this time. The topic will be multivariate statistics and theory and practice of evaluation…which is “yeah'”…or not *lol

Most of you will probably think “Awesome! Multiple Choice…what is there easier than that?!” But, be careful…it is actually really hard. The problem for me and others is, that the questions in a multiple choice exam, are less about overall understanding and instead about specific deatils of course materials or literature. Which means: either you know it or you don’t! There is no making up for “not knowing” as you will simply do not get the marks! In an essay you can “show off” with some other things you know, if you struggle at a particular name, concept or definition. Not so with multiple choice! On top of it all I will need 75% to actually PASS!! :-O Which is just really high for my taste, and I am not so convinced yet that I will manage to pass, but if  I do it will be a massive relief. I would love to pass in the high eighties (hahaha…wishful thinking) but so far it doesn’t look like anything like those high marks I know from the OU will be possible at the Fernuni Hagen. It is just so so different…but I shall tell you more about that another time.

For now, let me wish you all good luck for your upcoming exams! 🙂


Thank you

Hi everybody,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you who are still coming to read my blog, although it has been kind of dormant over the last months! It is great to know that you still enjoy reading my posts from when I studied with the OU and I hope you find lots of hopeful information.

I know that many of you are now in the process of submitting their first TMAs for their latest courses, like DD303 has a TMA due next week. I am still following this as I have friends from my OU time, who are only now reaching level 3 and it brings back a lot of memories to hear how they dread the weekend before the cut off date and in the end they submit fantastic TMAs.

So keep up the hard work folks…and thanks for reading!

Just updated: about me

Enjoy 🙂

Fernuni Hagen: ready, steady….


On the 1st October starts the new term at the Fernuni Hagen and for me this will mean the start into my studies for a Masters of Science Psychology 😀 YES…they accepted me and after having paid my fees I am now curiously awaiting the delivery of the course materials.Not having studied for almost a year now, it feels very exciting to know that from October onwards lots of free time will be filled with studying…I really cannot wait! Lots of old memories from my time with the OU return, too, and I am keen to see how this university has created their disctance learning programme and how I will cope.

Exciting times ahead! I will try and get back into using this blog more again for structuring my thoughts and keeping a study diary.

Master at Birkbeck is off the table

The last time I posted on here I was looking into applying for a masters in occupational psychology at Birkbeck University. Unfortunately, however, it will be just plain impossible for me to come up with the fees they are asking. 😦

Hence, I opened my eyes wide and followed an idea my father had the other day and have looked into distance studying in Germany. As some of you might know, I am German myself, used to study with the OU first from Germany and later moved to the UK, where I am living and working now. One might find it a bit ‘weird’ to say the least now then, that I decided to distance study from the UK now with a university in Germany, but hey ho, so is life 😉 I have decided to apply for a masters in Psychology at the Fernuniversität Hagen, which offers a much broader (the German style degree type) masters than any English University would offer. It will be a master in Psychology with no specification, like occupational or health, as such. I think this will have its advantages and disadvantages, as everything does, but the criteria for having decided on that degree, was that it is affordable! I have so far completed the online application and will supply all my certificates and documents when I fly on holiday over to Germany in July. Hopefully the university will then come to a quick decision, that my first class degree with the OU is similar to a German Bachelor of Science in Psychology and allow me then to study for my masters from October this year onwards. Fingers crossed please boys and girls!!!