First class

So…is this it then?

Today I received my last two module results for ED209 Child Development and DD303 Cognitive Psychology. I got 74 % on ED209, which is a Pass 2. For DD303 I managed to get myself 86% in the exam. Combined with my OCAS of 88% for that module, this means a nice smashing Distinction for Cognitive Psychology :-D . But the party doesn’t end here!

Thanks to the Distinction in DD303, I have earlier proudly accepted my First Class Honours degree in Psychology!!! CELEBRATE!!!! 3 years of hard work and no breaks at all have paid off and here I am with my first class honours! AMAZING!

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10 responses to “First class

  1. I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a 1st class honours degree than your good self xxx

  2. Alison Middleton

    Hi, well done on your result! I am due to start dd303 in January, and wondered if you have any tips for the exam ?!
    Strategies etc?! What u feel the examiners may have been looking for?!

    • Dear Alison,
      thanks for your wishes :-D
      Hm….tips for the exam…good question. Ideally knowing everything is of course the best strategy, but you and I know very well that this is just IMPOSSIBLE! On DD303 it was possible to focus on some chapters more than on others, which made it easier to get a handle on revision. The chapters I chose were in a way linked to each other, so that it got easier to remember things. On top of that I recommend using past questions to practise writing answers.
      What examiners look for? Well…in my experience they look for pointers that you have read the materials, thought about them, understood the main argument and are able to critically evaluate the findings and implications (as it is level 3 you’ll always have to critically evaluate ;) ).
      I’ve found that names and dates are less important to remember than the actual example experiment,why it was done and what was found and what this means.
      This is of course only my own opinion, but maybe it helps?

      • Alison Middleton

        Hi Sonja
        Just a couple more questions sorry for bombarding you!
        Firstly I was wondering if within answered you made many links between chapters??? If you pulled out key themes, did u refer to methods much also ?! And info relevant from the methods companion, lastly would you advise that reading widely around the subjects is important?!

        Thanks again

      • Drawing links is surely perfect, if you can do it! As is bringing in the wider picture of methods etc.
        I would have loved to read widely around the subjects, but had no time for that at all. So if you do, please explore the fascinating world of cognitive psychology! It’s amazing :-)

  3. Alison Middleton

    Hi could I also ask what pass grades you got in all of the modules please As I am trying to calculate what my overall result is likely to be thanks

    • Hi Alison,
      I’ve listed all my modules and their results on here: .
      Also, there is a degree classification prediction tool on this website ( , where you can enter your modules and their (expected) results to work out what you need to get a first, or 2.1 etc.

      • Alison Middleton

        Thank you for your responses above! However I have just two further questions please! First is the referencing system used in dd303 APA or Harvard?!
        Secondly within the essay format tma’s do the tutors like you do to Do an introduction that contains an analytic structured such as outlining that will focus on theoretical assumptions , methods and production of knowledge for instance?! And also Do they like you to outlining within the introduction that outlines what you are going to do within the essay and what argument you will try to form. ?!

        Thanks again.

      • Hi Alison,
        it’s been a while since your comment, but with life getting in the way, yet again, I didn’t get around to answering your questions any earlier. Sorry!
        The referencing system on DD303 is APA.
        The other question, of how to structure an essay is a very wide one and I expect it will differ slightly from one tutor to the next. That said, I am not a tutor myself, but my experience showed me that tutors just differed. I think the skill of essay writing will come with time and what you are mentioning is surely possible approaches. On level 3 there is no such thing as THE right approach. I think you just need to show academic thinking and the fact that you can argue a case.
        Good luck! :-)

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